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The History Of Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by ChenIris on
The History of Vacuum Cleaner

In China,there are traditional tools of cleaning like broom and dustpan,which have a history of more than one thousand years.With time going by and the development of technology,many modern electronic devices has appeared and played an important role in home cleaning,especially the vacuum cleaner.Today,I will introducethe story of vacuum cleaner.

It's been more than 100 years since Daniel Hess invented the first industrial vacuum cleaner in 1860. The earliest vacuum cleaners worked on the exact opposite principle by blowing the dust into a dust box.However, due to limited capacity, the original vacuum cleaner can’t blow a lot of dust into the dust box.

In 1901,a British engineer Booth found the vacuuming method and created a real vacuum cleaner.He uses a powerful electric pump to draw air through the hoseand filter the dust through a cloth bag.In August,Booth got a patent and founded a vacuum cleaner company. Finally,Booth made a small household vacuum cleanerwith a weight of 88 pounds in 1906,which was too cumbersome to get popular.

In 1907, an inventor from America made a lightweight vacuum cleaner using an electric fan to create a vacuum that sucked dust into the machine and then blew it into pockets.This is the first household cleaner and the design is so reasonable that its theory remains until today.

Then,with the development of industry and increasing needs of production, industrial vacuum cleaners also appear.

Today,the household vacuum cleaner has been changed and improved with people’s needs increasing day by day.Various kinds of vacuum cleaners are invented and bring convenience to people.For instance,portable vacuum cleaner,lightweight vacuum cleaner and cordless  handhold vacuum cleaner take up a large portion of market.

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