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Deliver and Shipping


1 Please check the estimated delivery date of the goods you ordered through the logistics information listed in the delivery confirmation.

2 When we deliver the goods to the address you provided, the delivery will be declared complete.

3 After the delivery is completed, you will be responsible for the goods (including related risks).

4 After the delivery is completed and we have received the payment in full (including all related delivery fees), you will have the ownership of the goods.

5 Please note that there are a small number of postal codes (usually in remote rural areas) that we cannot deliver within the specified time frame. For more details, please refer to the shipping exceptions section. If you have any questions about the order, please contact [].

6 If there is sufficient stock, orders placed before 1 pm from Monday to Friday will be distributed on the same day.

7 Due to the Covid-19 epidemic may cause delays in shipments