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What is The Difference Between Brushed and Brushless Motor Handheld Vacuum Cleaner---Your Best Cleaning Assistant?

Posted by ChenIris on
What is The Difference Between  Brushed and Brushless Motor Handheld Vacuum  Cleaner---Your Best Cleaning Assistant?
A brushless motor is a direct current (DC) electric motor that operates without the mechanical brushes and commutator of a traditional brush motor. It has distinct advantages over a brushed motor and is more economical in the long run, although the initial costs are higher. Brushless motors are used in various aspects including cars,airline,office automation system,medicine system and household appliances.So,when the technology is applied in vacuum cleaners,what will it bring to us?


Brushless Motor

Brushed DC Motor                  


Handheld Vacuum Brushless Motor



  Compared with traditional vacuums ,a vacuum cleaner with brushless DC Motor has many advantages.Today,I will list some for you to choose a better one.

  Firstly,obviously,there isn’t mechanical brushes and commutator of a traditional brush motor,which means they don’t need to suffer the wear as usual. However,the soft copper of the commutator in a brushed motor is often slowly worn away by the brushes, and eventually cause the motor  no longer operate. In this case,brushless vacuums are long-life and need no maintenance.So consumers prefer to choose it for a long-time goal.

  Secondly,without the limit by the brushes and commutator, it is easy to build a brushless motor with very powerful rare earth magnets on the rotor.After reducing the friction of the brush, the speed can be very high,which make  brushless vacuums has a strong suction.What’s more,this has greatly reduce the noise,which means youcan clean your house without disturbing others.

  Thirdly,most brushless vacuums are small in size and do not take up space,so it is convenient and easy for consumers to store.They even can be put in cars.

  With the continuous improvement of the quality of life ,increase of income and housing area , the burden of cleaning is becoming more and more heavy, making   people's requirements for the functions of cleaning tools higher and higher.As is acknowledged,as a product of the development of science and technology, brushless vacuums are more powerful in many aspects and can meet the needs of people better.

  Here are some leading and influential brands of brushless vacuums in the market,which are popular with consumers:Dyson V11 ABSOLUTE,LEXY M12S,AutoBot VX.

                                 Handheld Cordless Dyson Vacuum



   Autobot VX is a handheld vacuum cleaner product,which is the most efficient, portable, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner as your daily driver. Whether at home or in the car, it can be convenient and practical, small in size, convenient to store, and not take up space.There are different types for you to choose depending on your needs.

                               AutoBot Handheld Vacuum VX Max
                                        AutoBot VX Max 20KPA   
                                      AutoBot Handheld Vacuum VX for Car
                                         AutoBot VX 16KPA
                                AutoBot V Mini Max Handheld Strong Suction Vacuum
                                          V mini Max 12KPA 

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