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AutoBot was founded by former Alibaba and Oracle employees in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise with a high reputation in in-car accessories industry which devotes themselves to creating better life products centered on user experience.

The company focuses on combining new technology with innovative products design. AutoBot solves problems encountered by people in driving experience, home cleaning, pet cleaning, etc., through independent research and development to make people's lives more convenient and more comfortable.

Successful cases

  • Tuhu: We began to Tuhu’s supplier for V and V Lite handheld vacuum cleaner in 2018.Cooperation way is OEM.
  • Vivo: AuotBot has begin to cooperate with Vivo since 2018 on magnetic phone holder and air freshener project by middleman way.
  • Cadilac: Since 2019, We have directly cooperated with Cadilac in OEM way
  • Huawei: We have already directly cooperated with Huawei since 2017.
  • NIO: In 2019,we began to directly cooperate with NIO on V2 Handheld vacuum cleaner in OEM way.
  • MARXUS: MARXUS’s OEM project was V2 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner in 2019.
  • LEADING IDEAL: In 2020,LI purchased our AutoBot brand products.

Cooperation Customers