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CIVISOLO Unidryer: Dry healthier & comfier, be more Eco-friendly

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CIVISOLO Unidryer: Dry healthier & comfier, be more Eco-friendly

CIVISOLO-A home gadget brand is excited to announce the launch of the World’s 1st All-in-One Hair&Hand Dryer, a Unidryer that can get hair dry in 3 mins and dry hands in 25 seconds. Also after storage, it can turns into a hand dryer immidiately and saves $178.3 in tissue, and saves 1/5 tree from being cut down every year. The CIVISOLO team hope to bring faster and healthier hair drying and hand drying experience to everyone.

Hair and hand dryer 2 in 1


CIVISOLO believes the Unidryer can reduce the usage of tissues when people drying their hands. “According to the data of Statista, it will at least save 50 rolls of tissues every year. It might sound small but about 27000 trees are flushed every day only for toilet paper. 9,855,000 trees will be saved a year if everyone starts using a hand dryer to dry hands from today. That is why CIVISOLO Unidryer is created.” Said the CEO of CIVISOLO.

Light Small Travel and Poweful
easy to storage by hand dryer

There is not only speedy drying,the 30 million negative ions trap moisture makes hair more hydrated and smoother.Now the super early bird price is ready, please click here:


It is a home gadget brand that aims to create more home tech to improve life quality. Its designers are from Alibaba and Oracle. It also work with top brands in Asia such as Xiaomi, Huawei, JD to bring better home tech experience. Please follow us below:



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Company Name: CIVISOLO
Contact Person: Michael
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Phone: 0755-86563680
Country: United States

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