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The Most Satisfied Vacuum Cleaner Ever

Posted by Iris Chen on
The Most Satisfied Vacuum Cleaner Ever

Dirt, Noise, Hard-to-held are no longer problem to the most satisfied vacuum cleaner. Certainly, your home, your car and even your pet would love it cause not only its efficiency but also its convenience. Have a look at below features and you would not be disappointed

Product features: AutoBot VX Portable Vacuum Cleaner is for you! It is your new cleaning assistant. The AutoBot VX brings smart technology into a high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner for a completely new and convenient cleaning experience at home, in the car or wherever you can imagine. This vacuum gets all of the dirt from everyday messes and indoor/ in car adventures quickly and effortlessly.

Main Features:

  • High-efficiency brushless motor,use cycle can be up to 7 years.
  • Versatile, lightweight, easy to use and offers high maneuverability.
  • Portable, cordless, easy to recharge with USB Type-C.
  • High suction power at 16000PA with 2 modes.
  • Washable Stainless Steel HEPA Filter Design without buying replacement filters.
  • Beautiful aluminum and lightest design.
  • With charging accessories, it can be used conveniently at home.
  • Comes with Hose and Nozzle to reach and clean confined spaces.
  • Comes with Brush to clean rough surfaces for home.

Brand introduction: AutoBot is a high-tech enterprise with a high reputation in in-car accessories industry,which devotes themselves to creating better life products centered on user experience. The Brand focuses on combining new technology with innovative products design. AutoBot solves problems encountered by people in driving experience, home cleaning, pet cleaning, etc., through independent research and development to make people’s lives more convenient and more comfortable.

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