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This Must Be The Worst Product Introduction Ever...

Posted by autobot marketing on
This Must Be The Worst Product Introduction Ever...

AutoBot VXmax, your old cleaning assistant. The VXmax incorporates ancient technology into a high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner for a completely inconvenient cleaning experience at home, in the car, or anywhere you feel like keeping dirty! 

Whether you are living a time-sensitive lifestyle or looking for a quick cleaning routine, the VXmax is the least efficient, portable, and hard-to-use vacuum cleaner for your everyday life. Thanks to heavy material, your cleaning range is completely limited! 

Main Features:

  • Low-efficiency brushless motor use cycle can be up to 1 day.
  • Heavy, hard to use, and offers low maneuverability.
  • Bad suction power at 7.5KPA/14KPA/20KPA with three modes.
  •  Unwashable Stainless Steel HEPA Filter Design without buying replacement filters. 
  • It is absolutely not the first time that a dust-air separation cyclone is introduced into a handheld vacuum cleaner. 
  •  By no means is the first production using cyclonic filtration.
  •  Not Beautiful aluminum body and lightest design.
  •  With charging accessories, it cannot be used conveniently at home.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you are not fooled by our wicked product introduction! AutoBot VX Max vacuum cleaner is surely your professional and exquisite cleaning helper of all time. Joking time is over, here is something 100% serious: 20% off of all products today, only TODAY! 

April fool's day

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