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Cleaning Tips to Create a Dust-free Car

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Cleaning Tips to Create a Dust-free Car

Clean the fabric in the car regularly

The carpets and footrests made of fabric are prone to dirt and grime, so we need to clean them from time to time if you feel like keeping your car tidy. You may use a moist cloth to wipe the dust particles, thus trapping them on your fabric and rinsing them off. Also, ensure to reach nooks and crannies to avoid the buildup of dust mites under your mat or on the lower side of the steering wheel.

Use the storage box to organize the stuff

Is your boot always cluttered? A jumble of items can lead to dust being scattered everywhere. Using a storage box to sort and store your items can reduce the accumulation of dust. It will also be more convenient to clean and tidying up.

Choose suitable material for the trunk mats, like leather

    An inappropriate trunk mat is a good hiding spot for dust mites, so how to choose a mat is a tricky problem. And leather might be a good choice for you! Unlike fabric, leather repels dust particles. As such, it guarantees easy cleaning and wiping off the dust. Also, leather is less prone to shedding as compared to its fabric counterparts.

    Choose a powerful and compact vacuum cleaner

    Having troubles in cleaning thoroughly of your car? Vacuuming is the only way to reach tight spots in your vehicle and remove dust particles from leather, plastic, fabric, etc. having the right set of tools will help you get more done with less effort. A portable and cordless vacuum cleaner is the most important of these, as they often come with different accessories that allow you to clean the crevices between the seats, the corners of the windscreen, the gaps in dashboard and other hard-to-reach areas.

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